Road trip to SUCCESS!!

Lets face reality, being poor is temporary, being rich is permanent based on how you keep the momentum going, success is what we all what and im here to share with you!!

work like a slave to live like a king, own your throne, work hard to live in a castle eating grapes with a versace gown on and bank owners coming to ask YOU for a loan, keep on beating yourself up to get what you want, my secret into being successful is working like a desperate person but knowing whats good for me after not giving up even if a million challenges that may pass.

expect failure, there isn’t any success without failure, failure is a way of building confidence and positivity and being a first attempt in learning, don’t worry if you experience failure, when you do experience this know that you are going to have one of the most biggest breakthroughs in your life, failure is learning and learning is knowledge and knowledge means skill and skill means hard work and hard work means success.

Be faithful, faith means believing in what you cant see, having a positive mindset on what you dont see but are positive of that it would happen, believe in your own success even though you dont see it yet but once you believe its going to be there you are going to be positive and try by all means to get where you gotta go, faiths is another transportation to get us where we want to in a positive way.

Don’t build a house without foundation, what i mean here is that dont start a business without having a business plan or a version for that business because you are going to fall from the ladder, for example if you build a house without foundation obviously on rainy days your house is going to fall apart and all your hard work and success will be destroyed, a successful business needs a successful business plan/foundation. DON’T BUILD YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT FOUNDATION!!!

INVOLVE GOD ALL TIMES, we are all different and have different religions and beliefs but personally i think involving god in anything your doing is another heap of success and blessings will be abundant because of you involving god in everything you do, HE LOVES US ALL!!

Be patient people, some of us we are destroyed by being impatient and always running with our shoe layses untied, guys note that patience is another important key that will open all doors of success remember that the perfect timing is the greatest success, GODS TIME IS THE PERFECT TIME!!

Your future is determined by you

Hey there! There is many different facts that are destined to make or break you, your pockets , success ,happiness , wealth and all kinds of good things that you deserve in life. For example:

*MOTIVATION , well motivation is a way of building confidence and positivity in whatever form you want to be, if you want to become an actor for example, you first have to get motivated by someone else who has been there or is still there, in that way you can learn on how to build your self confidence in them.

*Self-discipline, self-discipline is based on your attitude, gratitude and way of approach into everything you want to do, discipline means that you are able to control yourself, never risk more than you cant afford to lose, set a goal and focus on that goal, commitment and dedication must be applied, never loose focus and dont let distraction over rule your potential

*commitment, never mind the hours you put in to work, what really maters is that are you committed into doing what you are destined to do? Okay yes, hours do count into commitment and you shouldn’t exclude that from your plan. Being committed means focusing and the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. DON’T LET YOUR LAZYNESS TAKE CONTROL!!

*Positivity, positive income brings positive outcomes, invest in more positivity even when rain brings floods, by that you will be able to have a motivation to give to others when your all the way up. BE POSITIVE!!!

It’s up to you to make a change in your life, take risks with knowledge and experience, work with positivity and motivation!!

-Move in positivity and motivation, by CHRIS LETSOALO
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